Saturday, 1 December 2012

Little Boy Costume Swap

Our group has recently been discussing the change of character that happens during our animation as well as the change in outfit that our main character undergoes just before the big climax. We had a few options when it came to this one of them being to rig a whole new character but this would have used up unneccessary time. We spoke to Alan about other options hoping that there was a way we could get the pyjamas that he changes into onto the existing rigged character.

The solution was to put them on a separate layer, hide the existing clothes and just skin the pyjamas on top of the full rig. Then add attributes to the main character control which allowed the visibility of the clothes to be turned on and off as needed.

I have added a few attributes that control the visibility. 'Clothes' is the usual outfit. We will then later turn this off and turn on 'pyjamas'.
Normal clothes and 1940s hair
In regards to our other character who represents the start of the 1950s this would have been a completely different character but he is very similar except the texture of his clothes, his face shape and his hair. So we are going to use the same clothes but a different texture map, blend shape his face so he just slims down a bit and like the change into pyjamas for the first character I have added a visibility control for the different hair styles.
1950s Hair.
Now all I have to do is re-skin these elements :)

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