Friday, 30 November 2012

Updated Scene One

After Phil's feedback, we have changed the photographs haged on the wall form the realistic to handdrawn. (:

Thursday, 29 November 2012

UV maping: Reichstag

UV Maping: Concentration Camp

Little Boy Rigging Process

Thought I would just upload the point I am at with rigging to show the process I am taking our character through. Just moving onto rigging the head now :)

UV Maping: Jewish shops

Scene One Textured

We finally finished texturing the first scene! :D

Little Boy Fully Skinned

Our little boy character is now fully skinned and ready to next be rigged. Here are two videos of animation of the skinning, one plain and one with the UV mapping and eyes visible.


Modeling: concentration camp

Modeling: concentration camps fence

Modeling: Jewish shops

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Texture Experimentation

After applying the texture and the toon outline shader to one of the buildings, this is what it came out as. 

Prop: Final Texture

This is the final texturing for our animation. We applied a toon outline shader to separate the edges of the object from the background. We are satisfied with what it came out as, and cant wait to apply it to the rest of the models. (:

Modeling: Reichstag (final)

Little Boy Joints Laid Out

The joints are now laid out for our little boy, I'll save this as a back up file just incase anything goes wrong but now the skinning can begin!

Little Boy Main Character Fully UV Mapped

I have fully UV mapped our little boy which Ernesta modelled so now he's ready to be textured by Alice and ready for me to skin and rig him!

Hair UV Map

Head, throat and eyebrow UV maps

Arms/shirt UV Maps

Shoes UV Maps

Legs/Trousers UV Maps

Modeling: Reichstag part1

Character modeling: SS policeman (after changes)

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Character modeling: SS policeman

Prop: Plane Textured

I have created the very first texture on the plane, this is what it came out as! As its first time doing it, I was a bit unsure of few things, but I am pleased with what it looks like. I know that as soon as I get a grip of it it will be much easier for me to create them.

Monday, 26 November 2012

UV Mapped Plane

The plane has been fully UV mapped now, I did intend to unfold the map like we have been learning for the characters but it wasn't working very well so I did automatic mapping and then laid them out so there wasn't any stretching and stitching appropriate pieces together. It is now ready for Alice to texture.


Prop Orthographic

This is the top and the side view of the plane design. I have also included an inverted version to make it easier for Emma to model.

Character modeling: Jewish boy

I did some changes for the character. Made him look a bit bigger, corrected face, hair, hands and eyes.

Wooden Plane Model and Progress

I've finished modelling the little boy's plane that plays a big role in the animation. Any wear and tear needed will be done through textures or blend shapes on top of this base model which is now ready to be uved and then textured by Alice.