Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Prop: Final Texture

This is the final texturing for our animation. We applied a toon outline shader to separate the edges of the object from the background. We are satisfied with what it came out as, and cant wait to apply it to the rest of the models. (:


  1. :D Well done you lot - but just bear in mind when you start to combine every together that you might need to 'desaturate' or grey-out some of the elements in a complex scene so your audience knows where to look - it's a staging thing - what you want to avoid is a sort of 'white noise' effect when all that cross-hatching and black outline makes everything look equally important to the scene, or as if everything has the same focus. You can use focal length etc. to blur out backgrounds or privilege one part of the scene over another. Of course, I'm offering all of this advice without really knowing how your scene is going to gel - so feel free to ignore all of the above if the 'white noise' effect doesn't happen afterall! Just be aware, that's all, that you might need to find ways to tone down or privilege certain components in certain busier scenes to ensure your audience is looking where you want them to look. Onwards, ladies, onwards!