Sunday, 28 October 2012

Character design: faces


  1. Hey Ernesta :)

    Okay - I know for the purposes of your 'style world' for your animation that your beautifully rendered and sensitively painted child is going to have to lose some of its real worldness and emphasis on realism - which I suspect is causing you some grief! (These are very nicely executed images). But I do think you may need to be brave and really look at essentialising your design much more so - take a look at the drawings of De'Von Stubblefield, for example - see how much more about 'shapes' and line and simplicity his work is:

    Don'r misunderstand me - this isn't a criticism of your paintings - because, if this was a book illustration brief and these paintings were the 'end result' - you would be right on target - but these paintings are in the service of a character design pipeline - for a world that is much more stylised (and much more economical in terms of CGI). I want you to be brave and bold, Ernesta, and go back to thinking about this sad, sweet boy in terms of essential shapes and line - try and communicate him using the simplest, most pared down means - and check out more of Stubblefield's work as great reference.

  2. Phil, than you for your feedback. This project isn't easy task for me but I'm willing to try till I have the best result! I'll take a look at Stubblefield! thank you!

  3. Phil is right. I suggest concentrating on simple 'base shapes' first or as we discussed in the tutorial, finding a logic that helps you think your way into the fundamental 'building blocks' of the character. Such as a toy or crafted aesthetic. Put the painting too one side for the moment and sketch.