Saturday, 20 October 2012

Colonial Street & Iconic 1950s Cape Cod Housing

After Alan's suggestion I took a look at Universal Studios' Colonial Street to help me with our 1950s concept.
Instead of setting it in America we have asked ourselves what settings are iconic for the 1950s?... It does however end up with most iconic scenes being generally American. I noticed a regular use of a certain type of house during the 1950s which does also feature in other countries such as Austraila, Canada and a little in Germany. I found out that these houses were called 'Cape Cod' and after a bit of research into their use in the 1950s something really interesting popped up.

These types of houses were offered to soldiers returning from World War II so I think it would be very suitable for them to be used, representing not America but the change the war caused. Also, these houses would automatically scream 1950s to the audience making our change from 40s to 50s a lot clearer.



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