Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Early Ideas and Influences.

During the subject research we were looking at different styles that we could use in our work. We watched an Animation by Tomek Baginski which tells the history of Poland, and the whole animation links very well to the project showing different eras of the country and how other countries have effected it. We especially have taken to notice the use of a map, and how it can be used without recreating the whole world. For example how the hammer and sickle (symbol of the soviet army) on the Russian territory takes over other countries, the sound effects of machine guns and explosions make it very obvious what is happening.

 A different example we found of an animation with a use of maps and sound effects.

Lady Gaga in her music video 'Born This Way' uses a machine gun as a symbol of evil and death. The image is a quite disturbing as the Evil Goddess gives birth to a weapon which is used for murder and war. This links with our thoughts of creating our own symbol. A creature that will be collecting people's lives causing war and terror.

Relevant images linking to war:

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