Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Examples of metaphoric/symbolic imagery during WWII

As part of our research we looked at key images/ symbols that related to the Second World War. We felt that these were extremely powerful in getting across important ideologies and identities of figures involved at the time in history so we have decided to try and include some of these 'idents' in some way as part of our animation.

This should help keep the animation around the suggested time making sure it doesn't drag while we try and explain what is happening but rather getting the power of visual symbolic imagery to do all the talking.

The Nazis are typically identified through the symbol of the Swastika so we felt that the use of this image would act to allow the viewer to quickly identify with this element of the war.
The hammer and sickle is linked back to the USSR so again this would be a powerful image to quickly introduce them.
This star was what the Jewish population was made to wear to identify them apart from everyone else so this is an important symbol in showing the act/effects of WWII.

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