Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Initial Animation Idea

From the research carried out so far and the strong opinions on the World Wars by studio members we have written a short paragraph of key elements of the animation we are thinking of having as well as some details as to how some of our ideas could be carried out during animating.

First character is the creature, which is a symbol of the war.  The action is in the military tent/cave, where the big political map is hanging on the wall. Creature plays ‘darts’, throwing symbols of dictatorship countries at the map. That would represent countries that were affected by the war at certain times. When the creature throws a symbol at the country it leaves a burn in the map. The creature takes bits of ash and puts them in the labelled jars that say the date on them. That represents certain events of the war.

*The rise of Nazis (throwing swastika at the Germany, it changing the colour from beige to red)
*The invasion of Poland (swastika is thrown at Poland, which leaves a burn mark in the Poland mark) 

*frames with ‘achievements of previous wars’

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