Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Research: focusing on the WW2

The Second World War is full of events which taken away millions of lives in the World. The Western countries malpractice after treaty of Versailles, Germany's hopelessness after being suppressed by Western countries, and the East brutality led innocent people to suffer. The political powers which fought for the better place under the sun are still fighting. The terrible atomic war never ended, it grew up into a Cold War which in our beliefs never ended. We want to send people the message that the evil of the political wars are endless. That is the reason we want to focus on the Second World War in our animation. These are the main events that are the most important and major during the WW2, and we are going to focus on:

• Germany increases their military force and equipment
• 1939 Poland’s invasion
• 1939 France and Britain declares war on Germany
• Holocaust
• Stalingrad
• Pearl harbour
• Battle of Midway
• D-day
• Hiroshima and Nagasaki

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